On your marks…

There are just thirteen days left until I leave the flat, and sixteen days until I leave the country. I can hardly believe it. Time has really crept up on me.

It all started to feel more real on Friday, when I attended my final writing group session, followed closely by delivering my last Spanish class before my departure. It was almost sad – or would have been, if I weren’t preparing for something quite so exciting!

Since then, I have spent a lot of time sorting out my belongings, whittling things down until I had got rid of all the old clothes I haven’t worn in years (even the really nice ones), lots of the old books (even the ones I never got around to reading) and various other bits and pieces of clutter that have been hanging around the place for years. I have made two trips to charity shops and one trip to the recycling centre so far, but there will be more to come.

In the end, when I had everything I wanted to take to Spain laid out on the bed, I decided the time had come to admit to myself that I needed to take a second suitcase (or probably my rucksack). It may be a bit cumbersome on my journey but actually it solves a lot of problems, such as what to do with my ukulele. It’s not that weight was a problem – I was well under the allocated 46 kilos in total – but there was just too much bulk for a large suitcase and a small case. So, I’ve gone ahead and booked a second bag for the flight. At £36 it was as cheap as posting a large box to myself, so probably a good decision all round.

The problem now is going to be making sure that all of those old clothes I threw out really do make it to the charity shop and don’t find their way into my rucksack after all!

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