So, here I am, on the flight. It felt quite stressful getting here this morning although really everything went very smoothly. I got a taxi from Redhill to Gatwick, the driver waited with my bags while I got a trolley, I only had to repack a tiny bit to get everything in and I dropped my two larger cases without any problems. I got searched at security but the lady was lovely and despite my anxiety about my laptop, which had already gone through the scanner, it was there waiting for me when she was done. I bought a sandwich, my gate was announced and I boarded promptly. Easy peasy.

I don’t know whereabouts we are at the moment; I’ve got an aisle seat, which means I can’t really see out of the window but I do have the advantage of more legroom. We’re an hour into a two hour flight, which so far has been very smooth and uneventful (except for a tiny bit of a lurch on take-off).

So in a couple of hours’ time I could be in Valencia. My plans are evolving all the time. I had thought I’d hang around at the airport until I could check in to my Airbnb but I’m now thinking if there’s a left luggage facility I might go straight into town and come back for the rest of my luggage later.

This is the great thing about being free to do as I please. Once upon a time, for me, the plan was king. Now it’s quite the opposite. I am living life with more freedom, more spontaneity, more ease. More joy.

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