Moving house… again!

Well, I haven’t done anything exciting like going to Chelva this week but I have moved into my new room. It’s quite a bit smaller than my previous one and I’m still banishing a bit of a musty smell, but now that I’ve got all my things in place, I’m feeling quite pleased with it. I even went on a trip to IKEA on the free bus yesterday evening to buy some storage boxes – and came back with a side table, as you do!

I met one of my flatmates – a Greek girl – shortly after moving in and exchanged phone numbers with her straight away. She seems really friendly and bubbly, and will be here until July, so that’s good. I’ve also briefly met an Estonian guy (who is leaving shortly) and an American (who is staying, but moving into the Estonian’s room). I know one of the others is from Valencia, and there are supposed to be 3 women and 3 men altogether, but I haven’t met any of the others yet.

I don’t yet know the full mix of nationalities in the flat, but both here and on my course I’m certainly mixing with people from all over the world!

It may not be the most stylish apartment I’ve stayed in (it’s actually a lovely building but in need of some modernisation) but it seems like everyone’s really friendly and I can imagine myself being very happy here. It’s also much nearer to the city centre and to college and bizarrely much quieter than the last place, all of which is good.

So, what else have I been up to this week? Well, I went to an event about Brexit on Tuesday evening and it’s still causing headaches. Nobody really seems to know what we need to do, and I’ve run up against a bit of a stumbling block in terms of securing my residency in that I haven’t taken the room for long enough. I have the option to go back and extend, but it’s a bit naff to have to pay for a room for six months when you don’t know whether you’ll be kicked out after two. I’m waiting to see whether an alternative solution presents itself, or the political situation changes. (I won’t hold my breath but surely something has to happen soon!)

Brexit uncertainty continues…

Anyway, while I was there I got chatting to an English guy and his Spanish exchange partner, who is keen to practise his English with as many people as possible, so he’s invited me (or any of my friends) to get in touch and arrange an intercambio with him. It sounds like it might be a good idea as I’m still not getting much chance to speak in Spanish. The CELTA course is entirely in English (we are forbidden from speaking Spanish to the students!) and the writing group is also in English, as is the yoga class I’ve just signed up for. The only problem is that between the course, running, yoga and the writing workshops, my time is rapidly filling up!

As for the course, I’ve done my second assessed TP this week. I have to say that I felt there were lots of things that didn’t go to plan but my tutor seemed pleased with my progress and my willingness to try things out, so that’s good. I had to write some reflections as part of one of my assignments this weekend. Being quite a reflective soul, the hardest thing was limiting myself to 2 strengths and 2 ‘areas to work on’ (not weaknesses!) and then keeping within the 250 word limit!

I have to say that this week I have really started to feel like I’m at home here. Things feel much more familiar to me now. I can find my way around much more easily (although it’s still a big city, so there are obviously parts I don’t know). I feel like our course group has really started to gel and I’ve made friends there and elsewhere – though sadly not yet at the running club. I’m just not used to running and talking at the same time and it’s harder when it’s all being done in another language!

And Fallas season is underway as well. The fireworks on Friday night to celebrate the launch of the Ninot Exhibition had to be cancelled because of gusty conditions but that’s ok – I was moving house anyway! I’m looking forward to heading down to see the ninots next weekend – and I promise to take some photos to share (assuming I’m allowed). In the meantime, here’s a link to a blog post (in Spanish) all about it. Enjoy!

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