The rain in Spain…

I’ve been trying to think of something interesting I can write about, and in typically British fashion, I’ve settled on the weather. Because for the last week, it has been raining.

Now, that might not sound so impressive, but consider this: I wasn’t actually aware of it raining once from my arrival in December until the night the Fallas were burnt on 19th March. That’s 3 months without rain. I’m sure it must have rained a little bit, either during the night or when I was in class or something, but it never once rained when I was out and about. Even the night of Fallas was a little bit of a one-off. It did rain for a couple of days earlier in April, if I remember correctly, but I’m not sure it rained all the time. But last week, that’s exactly what it did.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

It wasn’t always raining heavily – believe me, I’ve spent enough time in Valencia previously to know that when it decides to rain for real here, it really rains. And you don’t necessarily realise it’s coming. I remember being on holiday a few years back, spending the day – or at least the morning – at the beach and then returning to our accommodation, and getting absolutely soaked as we got off the bus. There wasn’t much point even trying to shelter that day. 

Well, it wasn’t like that last week. Sometimes it just seemed to be a fine mist, but it was a constant mist. And over time, it had the capacity to get you very, very wet.

I had an interview for an evening job on Thursday – organised in true Spanish style at the very last minute – and decided to take a Valenbisi to get there. Sure, I could have got the metro, but I didn’t know the train times (they aren’t always as regular as London Underground trains) or how to get from the metro station to the academy. Anyway, the bike route looked simple enough. So off I set, remembering to wipe the saddle down before I got on! About thirty minutes later I arrived at the academy absolutely drenched. 

We were told on the CELTA course not to dress up too much for interviews, but to be ourselves. I’m not sure turning up looking like a drowned rat was quite what they had in mind!

At least it wasn’t too windy that day – or at least not so windy as to make me feel uncomfortable riding a bike. At the weekend, by contrast, there were weather warnings for high winds, which meant the parks were shut. As a result, I haven’t visited Parque Central for over a week, although I did go and peer over the wall during a lull. The daft thing is that the trees inside the gated-off area looked absolutely fine, but there were loads of branches down in the area I could get into!

Parque Central on a rainy day

Anyway, the sun would appear to be back now. I’m hoping it will stay for the next couple of weeks as I’m expecting visitors at the end of next week. Valencia is a beautiful city, but even more so when the sun shines. It was certainly shining last time I had a visitor – fingers crossed it will be the same again. 

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