Summer starts here…

So, summer is almost here. It certainly feels like it’s arrived. The temperature has been rising, and so has the humidity. According to, it’s 23 degrees right now (at 6.45pm) but with 77% humidity it feels like more. Sitting in my little room with the window open, it’s not too stifling, but as soon as I get up and exert myself in the slightest, it’s hard not to explode into a ball of sweat.

I ran just over 8km on Monday morning and it was more than enough. I ran just slightly further last night, which felt much better without the sun and with a gentle breeze, but Nouska was in hysterics at how red I looked afterwards. It certainly doesn’t feel easy running in this humidity. I’m starting to wonder how I’m ever going to cover the longer distances required to train for the half marathon – but I’ve entered it now, so one way or another, I will. With lots and lots of water on board!

It feels like I’m in a bit of a transition period at the moment. Most of my students have now taken their exams, which means I’ve only a couple still wanting me to teach them, and even they seem to be swapping their timetables around to make the most of the weather. It’s fine though. It’s given me the chance to catch up with some admin, retake the Social Psychology course on Coursera (which I highly recommend) and start to get myself ready for the summer school I’m going to be teaching at in just over a week’s time. I can’t believe how that’s crept up on me.

I love it in Valencia but as the weather heats up and my friends and flatmates are all disappearing off for the summer I’m really looking forward to getting away from the city and spending some time in a different, beautiful – and hopefully slightly cooler! – part of the country. I’m looking forward to working with the kids, taking them on excursions and playing lots of games to help them improve their English. I’m sure there will be lots of challenges, but hopefully it will be lots of fun too! 

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