Changing rooms

I moved into a new room (within the same flat) yesterday.

I think back now to all the effort I went to to get rid of ‘stuff’ before I moved out to Valencia, all the things I had accumulated over the years and didn’t really need. And now I realise I’ve accumulated a whole lot more.

I did get rid of a few things: an old pair of shorts that must have shrunk in the wash (!), a pair of insoles that actually made my trainers more uncomfortable and so on, but I kept more. And as I only had to drag it all from one end of the corridor to the other, and as my new room is much bigger than my old one, it was fine. (A suitcase of winter clothes and blankets ended up in a cupboard outside the room, along with the duvet that I won’t be needing for the next few months, but there was plenty of room for everything else.)

My new room feels much more spacious than the old one and (so far, at least) much tidier too. But I can’t help thinking that when I move out at the end of November, a heck of a lot of stuff is going to have to be sold, given away or disposed of in some other way. Because there is no way it is all going to fit into the three suitcases I arrived with.

It did feel very strange to go for a run last night and then walk past my old door and come to this room instead. And although there is a lot less noise from the neighbours here (at least for as long as my neighbouring flatmate is away!) there is a LOT more noise from outside. I was woken at about 6am today by the rumble of trains in the station. I shut the window and went back to sleep but was then woken again by the heat. So I might have to adapt to a different timetable – or just invest in a good set of earplugs, if such a thing actually exists.

Life here in Valencia has slowed down a lot for the summer. I am reading a lot, trying to get ahead with preparing lessons for September and generally hiding away from the sun. I sometimes go to the beach or the park for a couple of hours in the early evening, and if I run, it’s after sunset… and slowly.

Now we’re into August, I’ve been told to expect the temperatures to rise even further (everyone is amazed that it’s not as hot as last year – thank goodness I wasn’t here then!) and for most of the population of the city to leave for their holiday homes.

As for me, my holiday is going to be a trip back to the UK to catch up with friends and family. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, but I also think it’s going to feel quite strange to be back after so many months away. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be another heatwave while I’m there. From what I’ve seen of the forecast, I don’t need to worry about that… but I might need to dig out my raincoat!

One thought on “Changing rooms

  1. Another milestone, well done. I lived next to a railway line and you do get used to it – after a while… xx


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