Time to Write

Last time I posted, I said that I was short of ideas for my writing. How times change.

I think I have the write-togethers to thank for this new surge of ideas. It’s not that we particularly discuss ideas – some people actually reveal very little about what they are writing (although I’m not one of them). But somehow, the act of writing inspires you to do more. And the ideas really have been flowing over the last month.

Having finally got my latest short piece, Bonfire Night, out into the world, I’ve now got four works in progress – one very much on the back burner, one I’d love to come back to but don’t quite know how to tackle, one I’m intending to return to as soon as I get some feedback from the critique circle, and the one I’m writing now. They’re all slightly longer pieces – we’ve been encouraged to start working on 2,500 to 3,750 word stories and that’s what seems to be flowing out of me at the moment. 

The problem is that longer pieces take more work, and more work takes more time, and right now, I simply don’t have enough time to keep up with myself. 

But I will have some time next week.

Image by TaniaRose from Pixabay 

At this time of year, the Fallas festival should be well underway (although it really gets into full swing from 15-19 March) but of course, this year, there is nothing. In a way, it is a relief not to have to be on guard for teenagers (and even small children) throwing firecrackers in the street at any given moment. But Fallas also brings a lot of life to the city. This year, things are, by comparison, extraordinarily quiet.

It’s not that there won’t be anything happening at all. Apparently there will be some ‘mini-castillos’ (firework displays) taking place around the city, although the authorities are being deliberately evasive as to when or where – and it has been made clear that they will be within curfew hours to avoid crowds forming. So there will be an element of luck as to who gets to see them.

There’s still hope of the festival being held properly later in the year, Coronavirus allowing… but as with all things Coronavirus-related, we’ll have to see how that works out.

In the meantime, there was a decision to be made re whether to allow the Fallas school holidays to go ahead. The Consejo Escolar had already voted on this once at the beginning of Feb and decided to proceed, but given the situation with Coronavirus and the wish to avoid any kind of celebrations that might involve people mixing with others outside their normal circle, they were asked to reconsider the question last week.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) the Consejo stuck to its guns. I think perhaps, if the issue had been raised earlier, the outcome might have been different, perhaps rightly so. But having voted once already, with no substantial change of circumstance, and with the risk of causing upheaval to so many at such short notice, they decided to let the children – and the teachers – have their break.

For me, it’s very welcome. We may only have worked 8 and a bit weeks so far this term (half the length of time we worked before the Christmas hols) but I definitely feel ready for a breather. And yes, Easter comes shortly after, and yes, I could certainly have carried on through until then without too much trouble, but I’m not going to complain about a few extra days off.

And with no Fallas to distract me, perhaps I’ll finally get these stories whipped into shape.

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